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Bienvenidos a Diablitos Hablantes


Diablitos Hablantes is an Open Educational Resource (OER) that was created specifically for the Span 204 course here at WSU. We wanted to offer students a free, interactive web-book that brings Spanish to life in an easily-available online format. The OER consists of two parts:  

1. The web-book, where students can find instructional videos with grammar explanations, authentic readings and video interviews, a plethora of cultural features (e.g. music, food, slang, traditions), as well as activities to practice the language. 

2. Canvas LMS, hosts the Online Homework Suite of the OER. Students’ tasks are automatically graded in this platform.  

The OER is designed based on the principles of the 21st century skills to help students communicate, collaborate and develop creativity and problem solving abilities together with technology literacy.  

Work Desk
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Collin Shull

Collin Shull is a Spanish instructor at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. A native English speaker, Collin became enchanted with Latin America and its diverse cultures while a student at The Evergreen State College. Since that time, Collin has traveled regularly to South America and graduated with an M.A. in Spanish from Washington State University in 2019. 

Priya Panday-Shukla

Priya Panday-Shukla is a PhD student in the Language, Literacy, and Technology program at Washington State University (WSU). She has a master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures from WSU. Her research and teaching focus on communicative language, cultures, and educational technology.